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> > > 10 Marca 1999 < < <

Wednesday, March 10.
On the road to D.C.


Hey, Folks. Well, it's my turn to get tour disease, I guess. I've had a sore throat for a couple of days now. Its not a big deal. Playing our show is so much fun, and I still get enough energy from the audience that I wouldn't want to call in sick even if I could. We played last night at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia, and being on stage was the best I'd felt all day. After the show Kenneth Keith Kallenbach showed up and gave me a new demo of his songs. You may know of him from the Howard Stern show, on which Kenneth has tried to blow smoke out his eyes. He also has a record out on Kung Fu Records that is as fucking hilarious as it is disturbing. If your tastes lean toward the absurd, then you have to check out Kenneth Keith. He rules! Another thing happened last night. Occasionally people (presumably women) throw braziers up on the stage, but I usually don't pay them much attention. Well last night this bra landed right in front of me that was enormous. I mean this thing was fucking huge, titanic, monstrous. You could've parked a couple of Volkswagons in this thing. Big pink fleshy Volkswagons. The mind reels, really.


The night before last, we were in Buffalo, New York. There was a guy in the audience holding up a Vanilla Ice T-shirt. Dexter brought him up on stage, paid him 20 bucks for the shirt, then let him do a stage dive. I think this guy really bought this shirt at a Vanilla Ice concert. It was pretty old and worn out, but still worth every penny of that $20. Again the only time I felt any good in Buffalo was when I was on stage. This was where all the cold weather, travelling, and lack of sleep caught up with me. At least I'm not the only one who is sick. Higgins has it too, which figures since we share a mic part of the time.


Before Buffalo we were in Pittsburgh, where we were joined by a friend of ours who came out to serve as Drunk Tech. We'll call him "Wreck," and his duties involve drinking to the point of passing out at which time he becomes the victim of a "treatment." Last night he narrowly missed getting a mohawk in his sleep because Greg K. left his clippers on the bus. In Pittsburgh he was not so lucky. A cross was shaved into his chest, and on his back he received the Kiss Army logo. These treatments may sound cruel, and they are, but you've never seen a treatment until you've seen Fletcher from Pennywise give one. I was a victim of his one night in Alaska. Waking up in a bed covered with snow taught me never to get too drunk when Fletcher is around.


Speaking of Pennywise, I heard a rough mix of some of their new stuff which sounds great. If you are a Pennywise fan, as I am, you will not be disappointed. Even more impressive was the new stuff I heard from AFI. I was a bit concerned when I heard that they got a new guitar player, but their new stuff sounds awesome. Look for both of these new records soon. I think that I forgot to mention the show in Montreal. It was fucking awesome. There was so much energy happening that I couldn't help but have a good time. It was the best performance i've probably ever given as well, due to my nervousness keeping me on my toes. Well that's it for now.



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