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> > > 14 Czerwca 1999 < < <

June 14, 1999
Brisbane, Australia.

W'sup, Homies. That's right, I'm listening to Snoop right now, "with my mind on my money and my money on my mind, Laid Back." We are all pretty frazzled after 20+ hours spent getting here. That's alright though, Australia is always worth it. Even though its winter here, its still beautiful. My wife and I were just walking around town and we strolled through this botanical garden that was awesome. My wife kept pointing to all these places in the bushes where she felt a body was probably buried. My wife is a little twisted like that. For the next two weeks we will be touring Australia and New Zealand with Eskimo Joe and Guttermouth, but more on that later.


Dickey, lead singer of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Our last leg of the tour was great, with the 'Stones (MMBosstones, that is) and The Living End. Every night was full of great amounts of energy and great playing. I will miss playing with those bands. Hopefully we'll get to work with both of them again in the future. Chris of The Living End is one of the most phenomenal guitarists I've ever had the pleasure of watching. Check them out! The 'Stones were all really cool people as well as great entertainers. We were privileged to hear a couple of songs slated to go on their next record, which they have just begun work on. If these songs are any indication of how the rest of their record will sound, its going to be great.


Party Plane!

One of the shows on the last tour was a huge radio festival at the newly built Raven's Stadium in Baltimore. There was over 75,000 people in attendance. It was a huge, huge show. They also had these huge diamond screens on each end of the stadium, one over the stage and one facing it. On such a huge screen I couldn't help but notice just how handsome Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray actually is. The guy is just too fucking cute. Then when we were playing I saw myself on that huge screen. I am the Anti-Mark McGrath. That's all I have to say about that. Even though we are both from Orange County, and have a lot of mutual friends, we have never met the Sugar Ray guys before. That night a bunch of our guys went out drinking with a bunch of their guys and they all got really drunk and had a rock-n-roll-male-bonding session. I met a couple of the guys later at another festival and they were much as I expected them to be, that is nice OC boys with a good sense of humor.

The day after the drinking incident with Sugar Ray (really only a couple of hours later) we got on a chartered plane with the 'Stones and Moby and headed for another festival, this time in the middle of Wisconsin somewhere. I'm sending along some pictures I took on this flight. I'll let the picture speak for themselves. Motorhead closed the show that night and they were great. I don't know how he does it, but even in the middle of nowhere Lemmy managed to find half a dozen girls, who look like they are straight from the Rainbow on Sunset BLVD, to follow him around and dance next to him on the side of the stage. I'm telling you, the man is King!

A couple of days ago we did some filming for our new "The Kids Aren't Alright" video. This one is going to be a bit different in that it will only really come together in post production, with lots of computerized manipulation of our images. I really have no Idea what to expect from this one, but that just makes me that much more interested. After the video shoot, I went to go see a friend of mine who's band, The Criminals, was playing at a local all ages club. I showed up as they were loading out (all ages=early show, duh!), but I hung out watched Anti-Flag who were really great. What really struck me however, was the whole scene itself. The place was full of mostly young, punk looking people who were really into the music. Everyone was sober and seemed to be getting along as though there was some tacit understanding that everyone there was part of something greater. I remember feeling the same way about Gilman Street in Berkeley when we first went there years ago. I never thought I'd see that sort of thing in OC. I wish this kind of thing existed in OC years ago, when the only scene I new there was one where everyone tried so hard to be cooler than the next guy. Even within the punk scene, drunken brawls were the norm and, due to overabundance of Nazi skinheads in OC, gang fights were not at all uncommon. The name of the club is Chain Reaction and its on Lincoln in Anaheim. If you want some good clean fun punk rock you should check it out.


Who's Flying Now?


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