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> > > 16 Marca 1999 < < <

March 16, 1999
Orange County, Ca.


Hello, guys and girls. I am actually writing this from the comfort of home which is a luxury for me. Most of us returned home on Saturday after playing a show at the House of Blues in Las Vegas on Friday night. That show was alright except for the fact that it was taped for some TV show and I ran into the cameramen a few times. The House of Blues is a pretty cool venue even though, in the middle of a casino, Where a crowd of mostly white people suck back free drinks while otherwise throwing their money away, I found it to be pretty far removed from what I believe the blues are all about. Oh well, its a cool venue despite its inappropriate name.

Earlier that day we sponsored an attempted world-record-setting BMX jump. Two riders, John Jesme and Paul "Flush" Fernandez, agreed to compete against each other. Each built his own ramps and had his own, very different approach as to how to beat the other guys distance. Jesme's style relied more on height than on out and out speed, and he actually cleared five cars under his own power by pedalling into his ramp. Unfortunately he was unable to land upright from the height he was generating, and he hit the ground pretty hard. After shaking it off, he tried it once more this time being pulled into it by a motorcycle. He was launched even higher still and had to let go of the bike in the air before folding into the pavement. He got up right away and walked it off, but I'm sure he was pretty fucking bruised up. He is a pretty tough guy and we were all impressed by the fact that he cleared five cars under his own power even if the landing didn't stick. Worse yet was that Steve Abbott on the motorcycle hit some water as he was turning to get around the ramps. This sent his rear wheel out and he wadded up into Flush's landing ramp, taking out a cameraman in the process. The cameraman, named Pineman, had to have surgery on his knee which got pretty fucked up. Fortunately Abbott was unhurt.

Flush on the other hand, had an Evel Kneivel style launch and landing ramp that relied more on sheer speed, provided by Steve Abbott and his motorcycle. After the accident, no one was feeling very confident about any of this anymore, but flush was unfazed and decided not to bother jumping five cars, moving on to six right away. He cleared six with room to spare, thus restoring most of our confidence. Six cars was a world record jump for a bicycle, but Flush just kept jumping, setting the world record at....Well, you see, you're just gonna have to wait for it to be on TV, but you can bet your ass that it was fucking far! Each time Flush cleared the cars handily and it was a rush to see him pull off each landing at such huge speeds, all on a 24" BMX bike. Stay tuned to find out when you'll be able to see it for yourself.


On Satuday night I caught one of the last Hole/Manson concerts. Hole has since quit the tour, and it sounds like the tour itself might be in jeopardy. But that night Hole was rad. I am a fan and they didn't let me down. Courtney was funny, tripping and falling into Melissa at one point, flashing the crowd her left tit at another. They played well and put on a good show. I expected a great show from Marilyn but I was blown away by how good they sounded. Their new guitarist, John 5, is as great as I knew he would be (I saw him in Two with Rob Halford), but I thought the rest of the band was going to suck live. They didn't, in fact they had an awesome, huge sound. Visually Manson has his shit together and there is plenty to look at. The only bummer was that at the beginning of the encore Marilyn became upset about something, who knows what, and started smashing stuff. The rest of the band was obviously caught off guard. Twiggy literally ran away from Manson, who eventually just threw himself face-down on the stage, giving up on the rest of the song. The crowd just accepted that as the end of the show. No one was complaining or anything, but I was mad; I felt like I had somehow been ripped off. Other than that, it was really a great show.

We start the next leg of our tour on the 27th near Seattle, but unfortunately Ozomatli won't be rejoining us. I was looking forward to snowboarding with those guys.


Oh well, until then take care,


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