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> > > 17/22 Stycznia 1999 < < <

Sunday, Jan. 17, 1999
London, England, U.K.


Whatsup? I don't remember where I left off so I'll just go backwards from here. Today were on the bus all day on our way to Brussels, so it is sort of a day off. Yesterday we did a photo shoot in Trafalgar Square Where we had pigeons swarming all over us, like literally five to seven pigeons on each arm. Dexter and Ron were even letting them sit on their heads. I hated it! Pigeons are like flying rats to me, I Can't stand them. Only one of us got pooped on though and it wasn't me.


Later that day Higgins and I went to "guitar row" on Denmark Street near Soho. Higgins showed me this bootleg Offspring record he bought earlier in the day. Now I have mixed feelings about bootlegs. While I do agree that it is criminal to make money off someone else's work without letting them in on some of the spoils, I think that there are way too many far more important injustices in the world that need to be rendered. What sucks most about bootlegs is that they are always of such shit quality. This particular copy that Higgins showed me is fucking embarrassing. The cover is a tenth generation copy of a black and white newsprint photo that is at least ten years old. What's worse is I look like a total swamp-thing hippie creature. Worst of all is the horrifying sound quality of the rerecordings of all the recordings. Add to all this the lame-ass title and marketing slogans on the cover that we would never in a million years approve of, and you have yourselves one big pile of embarrassing poop. If you get a chance, pick one up.


On Friday night we Played at The Brixton Academy here. Its a pretty cool venue, we've been there a few times. The last time we played there some little fucker stole my glasses. I jumped down into the pit so that the audience could help me play guitar and they pulled me in and tried to steal my wallet and glasses. They didn't get my wallet though. This time the crowd was a bit more cordial. It was in fact the best crowd we've ever had there. That sort of thing always makes our job easier, so we played a decent show.


Afterwards there was a party in the bar upstairs. Gizz from Janus Stark/Prodigy fame was there and told me how getting the wife to make gravy can lead to a really good "noshing." Go figure? There was also a young lady with a mohawk of various colors. She was about as tall as me in her knee-high motorcycle boots and as thin as a rail. She had on a sparkling silver top, which bared her midriff, and a short skirt or shorts, I don't remember which. From out of her boot she produced a magic wand and, with very animated gestures, granted me all I could wish for in the coming year. I thanked her very much and we parted company. On my way out of the bar I was following this bloke who was wearing a really cool button-up shirt that had dice for buttons and a devil on the back with spark plugs for horns. I remember wondering where I could get a shirt like that. This bloke and I got stopped at the door of the bar where he shook my hand, said he enjoyed the show, and asked me if I wanted to swap shirts. Wo Dad, Tinkerbell is a punker!


Noodles and the guys.



Friday, Jan. 22, 1999
Cologne, Germany


Howdy, gang. We played here last night to a pretty good audience. They couldn't seem to get enough. Both this show and the one the night before in Paris were devastatingly hot. I think we all lost about five pounds each night. The Paris audience was phenomenal. France has been great to us and this was one of our best shows there so far. Unfortunately Dexter has fallen a bit under the weather. Its no big deal really -- when you travel in such close quarters with so many people, illness simply has a way of making the rounds. I've fought it off twice now myself.


We are joined on this tour by a band that I'm sure many of you know called Sprung Monkey. They are from San Diego, California, and have been able to win over the European audiences every night. Some pretty fucking nice guys too. Another band we toured with in the U.K. was called Caffeine. They are a British band with an Italian singer/bass player. They really got the audiences going with their cover of Dead Or Alive's "You Spin Me Around." They also kind of reminded me of Big Drill Car, a great So-Cal band that you don't hear enough of these days. The band that opened for us last night is called Gold Blade. We got a wacked out bunch of guys here. They're kind of like The Clash meets The Cramps meets The Specials. Very energetic and fun. We will meet up with them again in Hamburg.


A couple of nights ago we celebrated Greg K's birthday at a Mexican restaurant in Paris on our night off. We had almost the whole crew with us trudging through the streets and subways of Paris like some marauding gang. We all had a good time in spite of trying to order Mexican food in French (if you really want good Mexican food you have to get it in Mexico or California). My birthday is in two weeks and Ron's is just four days before that. We will be in Italy by then so good food should be no problem.



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