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> > > 25 Sierpnia 1999 < < <

August 25, 1999 12:02 AM
Stockholm, Sweden.


Hey. We just played here at an amusement park. I think it was the same amusement park that they played in Spinal Tap. we did get a bigger dressing room than the puppets though, so it wasn't a total loss. Actually, from my standpoint it was a very fun show. I don't know how many of the fans actually got to see the show though, because we played in between all the rides. This has been some tour so far. On our fist day we played a TV show in London and a festival in Vienna. The TV show was The Top Of The Pops, which is a big deal in the UK. We played "The Kids Aren't Alright" and "Pretty Fly," which will be aired later. In between these two songs we played "Smash" just because we had a lot of our fans in the audience. This got them all riled up so that during "Pretty Fly" they took over the stage from us and we were barely able to finish the song. It was great! After that we went straight to the airport to catch a plane to Vienna.

At the festival that night I got to meet Joe Strummer of The Clash. He and his band played right before us and they were great, covering a lot of Clash songs as well as their own great material. The Clash may not have been the most important band to me musically, but in terms of ideology and attitude, they are a huge influence, not only to me but to our whole band. Getting to meet Joe was a thrill I won't soon stop bragging about.

The show the next day was in Cologne, Germany, and was called the Bizarre Festival. We were in the middle of our set playing "I Chose" when I looked up to see Chad from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers playing percussion with us. I've already written in these pages about how big a fan I am of theirs, so you gotta know that seeing him up there jamming with us blew me away. And Ron was even more blown away. He also played along with us on "Have You Ever" and "Get A Job." Right now the Peppers' new album is the one that I've stuck in my head for the last month or so. It is very mellow and just sticks to the inside of your skull. It is the best Rock record I've heard in a long time.

We went straight from the stage that night to the VIVA Awards. VIVA is a german music TV station similar to MTV. We won an award that night for "Best International Act." It was the first time we'd ever won an award. One of the groups we beat out was The Backstreet Boys. I told my daughter this but I don't think that she believes me. She still thinks that the BSB are way better than The Offspring. I guess that's her way of rebelling against having a punk for a father.

Well, that's about all the good stuff I can think of writing for now, so until some more exciting shit happens, take care.


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