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> > > 28 Lutego/ 4 Marca 1999 < < <

Sunday, Feb.28, 1:00 am
New York City, New York


Well folks, we're back at it, but this time we're on our home turf. I just got back from playing our second show out of three nights that we are playing at the Roseland Here in N.Y.C.. We played our first show of this tour in Cleveland on the 24th. There Ron and I went to visit the Rock-n-Roll hall of fame. They have some cool displays and exhibitions and the walls are covered with lots of great pictures of Rock-n-roll moments. I lusted over lots of guitars, and made fun of a few old costumes. One of my favorite displays was one of Elvis' old TVs that had a Bullet hole in it. Apparently he and I have similar feelings about the quality of programming available to us TV viewers. Many thanks to Rebecca for showing us around and for taking good care of our friend Higgins who had a run in with a bottle of whiskey later that night.

Speaking of Higgins, guess who is going to be the star of the "Why Don't You Get A Job" video. Actually the video is being edited as we speak, and I haven't seen even the rough draft yet, But Chris has a way of stealing the show. We shot the video on the one weekend that we had in between tours at Universal Studios. It was strange being there. We kept comparing it to The Truman Show. Did you Know that Dennis the Menace lives right across the street from the Munsters who live a few doors down from the plantation owners from Uncle Tom's Cabin. McG was back in the Director's chair for this one. We also had a couple of the dancers, Vanessa and Carmitte, from the "Pretty Fly" video rejoin us. Fly guy, Guy Cohen even makes a reappearance. It should be finished any day so look for it soon.

We have been in New York since Thursday and don't leave until Tuesday, making this our longest stay here ever. I've got to admit that I used to be intimidated by this city, but not anymore, I love it here! I'd love to live here for like six months and just get to know the place. I spent a couple of hours today walking through Central Park and I thought it was beautiful. It was also really fucking cold. Large parts of the ponds were frozen over and snow covered the ground in some of the shadier spots. I was reminded of a time when we were in Stockholm and I was up early walking along the shore of this frozen lake all by myself in the freezing cold. Some skaters sailed past me on the ice and I could see lots of other footprints back and forth all over the lake. So I decide to walk out on the lake. This was in like the early spring and I was wondering if the lake might be ready to defrost. I've never lived where it gets that cold, nor do I know anything about frozen lakes. Anyway, I'm all by myself and I'm walking out on the ice. About fifty paces out I hear the ice cracking under my feet. Scared me shitless. Maybe that cracking is normal, but I wasn't sticking around to find out.

Tomorrow I'm going downtown to the village to shop for records and music gear before soundcheck. I should mention that we are probably one of the worst bands in the world when it comes to soundchecking. We never soundcheck. We try to, but it just rarely ever happens. But tomorrow its on! We are still enthusiastic because we are at the beginning of the tour. People are always asking me if we've soundchecked yet and I tell them, "Yeah, we did that the first night of the tour." Alright, I'm babbling now. It's only 2:30 in the morning but I'd better crash.





Thursday, Mar. 4, 3:00 am
Between Toronto and Montreal


We just left Toronto where we had a great show tonight, or last night, whatever you want to call it. A couple girls there made signs for me and Dexter, telling us that they liked us. They put their phone numbers on them, so we called them up and said thanks. I'm sure they are wondering whether or not it was really us that called, well it was.

On Sunday we played our last show in N.Y. City. In the audience were The Lunachicks, D Generation, and Joey Ramone. Most of these guys are our friends now, but I still get intimidated when musicians that I admire as much as these are in our audience. It is an honor to have them there. After the show my friend Stormy introduced me to Joey. I've actually met him before but he is still such a hero of mine that I find it difficult not to gush all over him and tell him how great I think he is. He is a really cool guy though, very down to earth, as you might expect. He told me about a couple of projects he has been working on, one with Ronnie Spector, and another with a band called The Independents who he will occasionally jam with. So check them out if you get the chance.

Tuesday night's show was in Albany, New York which is about an hour and a half from Cooperstown, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Greg K. rented a car on our day off and paid the place a visit. Baseball is his bag so he went back Tuesday before the show. He told me, "It was rad, They had a lot of cool stuff."

We are joined on this tour by two awesome bands; Ozomatli and The Living End. The Living End are from Australia and have been kicking some American ass with a killer set that includes a cover of Soft Cell's Tainted Love as well as their own hits such as Prisoner of Society. These guys have put the ROCK back into Rockabilly. Ozomatli are my pick to tour with. I wanted to take out a band that was different from what you would normally expect at an Offspring show, but mainly I just like Ozomatli's music which is a varied mix of styles. They base most of their stuff on latin rhythms then add rap, hip-hop, and R&B. I try to watch their set every night because they are so rhythmic that they help me get a groove happening which helps me play better during our set. So if you are coming to one of our shows get there early, you won't be disappointed. As an added bonus on this tour, we've also brought along Guy "Fly Guy" Cohen who you all know from the video. Check him out live during our set as he busts out all the moves during Pretty Fly.

Tonight we will be playing the biggest show of this tour so were all a little apprehensive about that. I'm also looking forward to it. It will be our largest headlining show in North America to date with an audience of about 12500 people and record executives. Wish us luck.



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