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> > > 30/31 Sierpnia 1999 < < <

From: Noodles
August 30,1999
Some Where, Some Place.


Shit! Yesterday we played the Reading Festival and it was great! We had a great slot, right before the Chilli Peppers. We also got to see a lot of our friends who are out with The Warped Tour, which had a side stage at the festival.
The Vandals were awesome and so fucking funny. Dave kept goading the crowd toward craziness, saying that the band now had insurance so they didn't give a fuck if anyone hurt themselves. He said that before, whenever a kid would try something crazy and get hurt, the kid would have his parents sue the band. Then he told all the kids who might try to do likewise to Fuck Off! There were a bunch of guys climbing the center pole of the tent that housed the stage at the time. So Dave told them to go outside on the top of the tent and tell everyone that The Vandals were playing. The whole time he was just hilariously insulting to the audience, who of course loved it. Then it was time for Warren to sing. He promptly stripped down to nothing, flung himself all about the stage, and eventually found his own pole to climb, suspending himself bare-assed naked before the whole tent. Most were laughing, some were horrified. Pennywise also played the Warped stage. They played with as much power as ever and the crowd sung along the whole time. "Alien" sounded even better live than it does on the record. And of course "Bro Hymn" was as powerfully moving as it was the first time I saw them play it, with the stage brimming full of punks and assorted others all singing along. There were a lot of bands that I didn't get to see but really wanted to. Fortunately the show today is all the same line up so I'll get to see some of the ones I missed yesterday.

August 31
Some Other Place.

Something else quite funny happened at the Reading Festival, but first I must tell you something about touring. There is really only one rule when you are traveling the world while living on a bus, and that rule is this; By absolutely no means do you ever shit on the bus! The heads on the busses really don't contain odors that well, and the worst odors tend to linger and circulate through the air conditioning system throughout the bus. This can make your life miserable as there is no place to escape from the stench and you need to be on time to the next gig and the only way to get there is on your tainted tour bus. This is where our story begins. A good friend of ours that we've known for years lives in the greater London area. She is both incredibly gorgeous and completely insane. She walked with me over to the Warped stage to watch Pennywise and that was the last I saw of her until we got to Leeds and, much to my surprise, I found out that she had joined this traveling circus of ours. Apparently she met someone on the Warped tour that she found vaguely attractive and who offered her a ride on his bus. The rest of the guys on this particular bus started acting a bit too aggressively, saying things like, "We are going to kidnap you and take you to Moscow." To this our friend simply responded, "Yeah, alright. Can I use your toilet?" After planting a seriously deadly bomb in the toilet, she promptly left the bus and hitched a ride with on a bus that housed somewhat more gentlemanly occupants, leaving the occupants on the first bus to suffer all through the night. The moral to this story is twofold; firstly, always be a gentleman to the ladies and, secondly, by absolutely no means do you ever shit on the bus!

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