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> > > 31 Marca 1999 < < <


Wednesday, March 31, 1999
San Jose, California.

Hey, Guys! We are back at it, this time on the west coast. Things have been great so far and I've been able to get in three days of snowboarding. Monday at Mount Hood Meadows was by far the best day. Great terrain, fresh snow, and having the mountain all to ourselves are just a few of the reasons that we were having such a great day. Fitzjoy and I were also trying out new boards, a pair of Morrow's Masters 163. So much fucking fun! Up at Snoqualmie, near Seattle, I also had a couple of fun days, even though It took me some time to get the proper gear together in order to handle all the deep powder. It was nice to get stoked on the sport again. Many thanks to all the folks at Morrow, especially Gary, Greg, and Denise, And special thanks to Matt at Northwest Snowboards in Tacoma.


Fitzjoy is the band's tour manager

The show at Snoqualmie was a trip. First of all the stage wasn't even finished until after The Living End were supposed to play so there set was cancelled. I should explain that this was a Radio show as opposed to one of our own, so our production team was not in charge. If our guys were running the show, it would have happened as planned. Even with one band cut from the roster, the other bands all had to cut their sets short and go on as much as an hour behind schedule. Given all that, it was a pretty fucking fun show. All the bands seemed to have a good time, with the exception of Everlast who seemed a bit depressed. I don't really get Everlast. Here's a guy who goes on the radio to bag on every single band on the bill, saying he's going to kick all the other bands asses, Only to mope around when he finally gets up on stage. The crowd didn't let it get to them though, and there was a huge cloud of steam rising off of them during our whole set, which at times made it difficult to see. Half naked people slamming in a snowstorm always makes for a great show.


Chris Higgins (X-13) adds lots of energy to the live shows.

On Sunday night the show was in Salem, Oregon, and was the same bill as the night before with the exception of Ozomatli in the place of Zebrahead. It was good to see the Matli boys even though I missed their set. I did get to see more of Silverchair's set this time and they were great! First of all these guys are some of the coolest guys to hang out with, and secondly they ROCK! Their new record is really good too, especially "Emotion Sickness." I had a great time playing that night right up to the very end of our set when I accidentally broke the headstock off of my newest guitar. It was the duct-tape guitar in the add for Ibanez that I did last month and it played and sounded great. I'm really fucking bummed that I broke it. Oh well, Punk Rock.


Our friends in San Jose enjoying the show

Last night we played here in San Jose. It was a fun show but what was really funny was that there was a couple actually fucking in the bleachers off of stage right. While everyone in the audience was watching the band, the band and crew and all the people backstage were watching this couple get it on. Apparently they are friends with somebody we know because they were hanging out backstage. In any case they earned the respect and admiration of each and everyone who was there to witness the event. It's too bad that I wasn't ready with my digital camera, we could have run a photo. Thanks for checking in.


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