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> > > 9 Kwietnia 1999 < < <

April 9, 1999
Austin, Texas


Bubbles in San Diego

Hey,there! I am fucking sick again. Too much unhealthy recycled airplane air, too much stress, and not enough sleep. We just spent a few days at home while playing some shows in the area. First we played two shows at the Universal Amphitheater, and then we played a show down in San Diego. Hometown shows are always more stressful because so many of our friends and family members (many of whom we haven't seen all year) want to come and see the show. We want to accommodate them all and make sure that they have a good time.


Greg K playing the bass

There is also more stress involved in trying not to suck in front of people you know, especially the musicians. Speaking of which, Stan and Leonard of The Dickies both showed up at one of the shows. This was a huge moment for me since these guys are from one of my all time favorite bands and Stan is one of my guitar heroes. I got to talk to Stan for a while which was both great and a little weird. I felt like Wayne and Garth did backstage at the Alice Cooper show when they claimed that they were "not worthy," only I was backstage at my own show. It was also a very surreal moment for me when I introduced my parents to Leonard and Stan. When I was living at home, my father would often barge into my room yelling at me to "turn that shit down" and I am sure that quite often "that shit" was a Dickies record. Watching these two worlds suddenly collide was almost too much.


Guy Cohen, from the Pretty Fly video has been on tour with the band

The shows themselves went great. I was very relieved that I didn't feel like I or we sucked. In fact two out of those three shows were among the best performances we've ever given. We are really playing an entirely new show these days. We are playing mostly new stuff off of Americana and we are always coming up with new schtick for in between songs. We do this thing where we pick on the Backstreet Boys a little bit right before "Cool To Hate" and my daughter got really mad at me for it. My daughter loves those guys and wants me to try to get tickets for her to one of their concerts. I had to tell her that those guys probably know what we say about them at our shows and there is no way in hell that they would let me anywhere near one of their shows. Its kinda sad really. She'll just have to get her Mom to take her.


Noodles takes a seat for Intermission

My favorite new thing in our set is what I've come to call my "secret weapon." I bought it used from a music store in Stanton California for $160, and I use it on the last song of the set. I'll try to get you all a picture of it because it cannot be explained. Those of you who have seen it and heard it know what I mean.


Who is this masked man playing I Choose?

The other day My wife and I got to see a rough version of the movie Idle Hands. For those of you who don't know this is the movie that we have a small part in and Dexter has a line in right before he gets killed. It is actually really funny. Seth Green has the best lines in this movie and he is one of my favorite actors out there right now, ever since I saw him as Scott Evil in Austin Powers. Devon Sawa who plays the lead role does a great job of playing a stoner kid with a possessed hand. I was really impressed with how he handles the physical nature of the role where he has to struggle against his own hand. Very funny! The lead female role is played by Jessica, whose last name, I'm ashamed to admit, I can never seem to remember. Jessica is rad in this movie. She is tough, beautiful, and sexy, a deadly triad. She is also one of the coolest people I have ever met and has actually come to a couple of our shows. Tom from Blink 182 is also in this movie, but if you blink you'll miss him. While I was frightened by Greg K's 40 foot tall head, I must admit that it was fun to see our lead singer get killed, so check it out. It should be in theaters on April 30.



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