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> > > 9 Lutego 1999 < < <

February 9, 1999
Marseilles, France.


Whatsup? We just played one of the funnest fucking shows of the tour. It was in a smaller venue, about 1000 capacity, and there was no barricade so that the audience was practically right on top of us. Usually we have to have a barricade in place for safety and insurance reasons, but when we can get by without one it's a much more exciting show. When the audience is that close, the energy from them is more immediate and tangible, and when we're having fun I think you'll see a better show. One thing I've been doing for a while now is "visiting" with a member of the crew during the song "Smash." I'll just stroll over to somebody, say "HI," and ask how they're doing. It has gotten to the point that I'm afraid if I don't do it, it will mean bad luck for the show. I have also been trying lately to see how far off stage I can go and still make it back for the end of the song. Tonight I finally made it back to the kitchen to say hello to the "Catering Birds," Nicky and Annemarie, only to find out that they were on stage and I had run right past them. I also waded into the audience at the end of the show with a jar of peanut butter in a sort of self-indulgent tribute to one of my heroes, Iggy Pop. Very fun.

After the show Greg k. was in a hurry to get back to the hotel so he could call his wife. Fitzjoy, our tour manager, walks him out front and yells for the local runner to pull his car up. A car pulls up and Fitz shoves Greg inside. All of a sudden the driver starts freaking out and trying to shove Greg back out of the car. It turns out this guy just stopped to let some kids cross the street, and all of a sudden he's got some strange American dude sitting next to him. Rock-n-roll roll!


Last night we played in Lyon, France. It was a great show but the highlight for me was the opening band. They were a local band called Subway and they had a sort of a melodic heavy rock sound. Their singer has a great voice, very strong, and instrumentally their playing was very powerful and tasteful. This is a band I'm going to turn even my daughter on to. They gave me this web site address: http://www.ifrance.com/subway. I also lusted after their lead guitarist's 1962 Gibson SG special with P-90 pickups in it, Great sound! Tomorrow we are off to Spain.


See ya there,

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