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> > > 12 Grudnia 2000 < < <

From: Noodles
December 12, 2000
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


I don't know why I always wait until I'm constantly being bitched out by you all before I get to this damn journal, perhaps I just like the abuse. Then again, we have been incredibly busy. Since I've got a whole month's worth of updates for you, I'll start from the present and work backwards. First of all, the tour with Cypress Hill and MXPX is working out even better than we hoped it would. We all had a great show here in Montreal two nights ago (Montreal always rocks hard). MXPX are pumping up the crowds every night and then Cypress Hill are seriously pummelling them. Cypress have a sort of heavy metal thing happening on this tour, mixed in with their raps, that is different than anything they've done in the past. They are even covering Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" which is really cool to see live. The last few shows, in Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, and St. Paul, have all been awesome.

Besides the live concerts, we've also been doing a lot of the media type thing. We played a whole set of songs on Canada's Much Music a few days ago, and today we are doing a similar show on Musique Plus for the French-speaking provinces. The TV stuff is very new to us and something we are only recently becoming accustomed to. To go on live TV, playing our songs and being interviewed, is a pretty heavy experience for a retired janitor like myself. I found it easier to play in front of the 250,000 people at Woodstock than I do to play in front of a small crowd and a few cameras that get right in your face and make it really hard to keep focused on the music. All in all though, the show we did the other day was a lot of fun, and we managed to get our point across. I think we played pretty well and the interviews weren't too painful. We were really grateful to all the fans that showed up. They really helped us put some energy into our performance and made us feel more comfortable in front of the cameras. Many thanks!

The day before the much music performance, we flew from Toronto to New York City to do a photo shoot with Rolling Stone photographer Mark Seliger. We've done a couple of things with Mark in the past and he's always great to work with. A lot of photographers want to pose you in all kinds of situations that feel anything but natural. Well, Mark does too! But at the same time that he gets you to act like a fool, he also makes you feel comfortable with it. And the shots he gets are just so fucking good! If you haven't seen his book, check it out. He's got everybody in it, from Keith Richards to Marilyn Manson, and they all look like you've never seen them before.

The very first show of the tour was at the Forum in LA on the 18th of last month. The show was awesome and we had a great time playing live again. It almost felt like we hadn't taken any time off from touring at all. Maybe that was because we actually rehearsed before the tour this time. We actually had a set designed for this tour which looks pretty cool and gives me a lot of room for monkeying around. Our new gear sounds great and Phil's light show has never looked better. Best of all, we have a whole new record of material to play every night. Of course that means more arguments than ever about which songs to include in the set list. Right now we are just trying a little bit of everything to see what the crowds are enjoying, and asking the fans what they would like to hear. All the fans say that they only want to hear the first record played in it's entirety. Well.., maybe someday!

I was only able to get in one good day of surfing in between the last press tour and the beginning of this tour. I went with Ron and friend Sam, whose been my friend since the fourth grade. At the beach we were met by my guitar tech, Donny, and his friend, Tom from No Doubt. It was a really fun day with offshore winds and a three-foot swell. On our way home from London at the end of the last press tour, Dexter and I were surprised to find Greg actually talking to the guy next to him. We were like, "Who is this guy? Greg never talks to anybody!" It turns out that the guy was none other than Kelly Slater! I mean Greg K sitting next to Kelly Slater is like me sitting next to Tiger Woods. For those of you who don't know, Kelly is the Tiger of the surfing world. I introduced myself to Kelly and gave him a copy of CO1. We talked about surfing in France and at Teahupoo, Tahiti. We also talked about music and guitars. Kelly also plays in a band with a couple of other surfers, Rob Machado, who is like the Santana of surfing, and Peter King, who has done some sports stuff for MTV. Kelly is a cool guy, very down to Earth, and I was stoked to be able to talk with him for a while.

Well, I'd better send this thing in so you all can read it and stop bitching at me. I promise I'll start writing more often. Thanks again for listening.



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