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> > > 12 Lipca 2000 < < <

From: Noodles
July 12, 2000
Hollywood, CA.

Yes, I am still alive and no, I have not quit the band! The longer I put off writing this thing the harder it is to get back into it. Enough said about that! We actually started recording last Monday and have almost all the basic tracks recorded. Ron's playing has never sounded stronger, and so far this record sounds awesome. We spent the last month learning the songs that Dexter wrote which are fucking awesome. There is a little bit of everything that you might expect from us in these songs, and a couple of things that you probably won't see coming. But don't worry, it'll definitely be the Offspring that you are gonna hear on this record. My favorites are a few songs that are vintage, meat-and-potatoes type Offspring punk-rock, only better. Again there will be one or two departures on this record, but you guys should know to expect that by now.

On board in the Producer slot we have Brendan O'Brien this time around. He is absolutely the most normal guy that we've ever worked with as a producer. He is also very cool and down to earth, as well as one hell of a guitar player. If only I could get him to play my parts for me! We are really stoked to be working with him and things seem to be going better than ever. We are all truly happy at this point.

About a month ago we played a couple of big radio shows. The first one was up in San Jose at the Shoreline Amphitheater. It should have been a great show but the sound system sucked. I could hear everything except what the other guys in the band and I were playing. There were just a bunch of crackles and buzzes coming out of the monitors; it was quite defeating. Fortunately, the side stage ruled. That's where AFI played and they tore the house down. If you saw them then you got to hear "Total Immortal" played by the band who wrote it originally. There were a lot of other bands on that night. Some of the standouts were Slipknot, Cypress Hill, STP, and Moby.

The next night we played KROQ's Weenie Roast at Edison Field which is about ten minutes from my house. The Weenie Roast is always a scene and this year was no exception. There were all kinds of celebrities and stars backstage, most of whom were from the adult film industry. The only stars who would talk to us, however, were Dennis Rodman, Pauly Shore, and Ben from "Road Rules." Dennis was pounding cocktails and just couldn't remember the words to the Hendrix songs he was asking me to play on Dexter's accoustic guitar. The only words he knew were to Pearl Jam but I don't know any of their songs. I did have words with Bean, from KROQ's "Kevin and Bean show," about MP3 technology, which I don't think has really hurt anybody, but rather benefits bands who want to get their music heard. Then Kevin walked up with that big ol' huge head of his and we all shared a big laugh. My wife got to hang out with Rachel Hunter who is HOT! But I don't think that either Kevin or Bean got to hang out with her. But then again, I was hanging out with Pauly Shore. What does that tell you? Have you ever seen "Jury Duty?" Besides all of the backstage shenanigans, we had a great show.

Other than that, I've just been surfing, fishing, and playing tons of guitar. I even bought an Ace Freely model Les Paul at Sam Ash the other day. It's awesome! Well that's it for now. A big Thank You to all of you who sent e-mails and generally gave me shit about being lazy in the journal entry department. I'll try to be more timely in the future.


Until Then, Later,

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