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> > > 28 Sierpnia 2000 < < <

From: Noodles
August 28, 2000
Orange County, CA.


Oh, shit! Has it been that long already? Judging from the amount of hate mail telling me that I'm a truly lazy sod, I'd have to say that I've waited far too long to update this here journal of ours. But I do have an excuse that's not entirely lame. You see we've been very hard at work on the new record, which in my humble opinion is going to be the best thing you'll ever hear in your entire life. Actually, I am totally stoked with how it's been coming along. Dexter has really written some great songs this time around, and we have gotten some of the phattest sounds happening. This is Ron's best record ever, his drumming sounds great. The bass and guitars sound beefier than anything we've ever done before. Almost all the instrumental tracks are finished and Dexter has vocals done on about seven of the songs. He is actually in Atlanta right now finishing the rest. We are finishing up in Atlanta because that's where Brendan lives and he feels that he can get a better mix for us in his local studio. Higgins and I are heading there in a couple of days to sing backups, and I have one more guitar track to lay down. We finished up here in Hollywood last Thursday, but I spent most of my studio time that day replying to posts on the bulletin board and trying to start rumors in the chat room under an assumed name. So if you were in the chat room last Thursday night, you really were talking to me. And to all the people on the bbs that are asking me if the record is really going to sound like N'sync.., of course it is. I mean why would we pass up a chance to be part of the "boy band" genre. Step aside Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and O-Town, we are the boy band of the future.

Aside from working on the record, we've also been putting the finishing touches on a new home movie that we are hoping to release soon. It is being produced, filmed, and directed by Paul Cobb who did the same for the "Americana" video. If you hated that video, You'll hate this one even more because we decided that you needed to see all the same shit shot with better quality cameras on better quality film. You'll see the same old boring live footage of the band, but you'll get the added tedium of watching Greg K leap to his death from a 2000 foot tall radio antenna. Dexter tiresomely crashes his plane while Ron gets pulled into some boring old forty-foot tall waves in Hawaii. All I get to do is ride a snowmobile and snowboard, back-flipping into the pool at Squaw Valley. Your typical stuff, really. There are also a bunch of knuckleheads jumping over cars on bmx bikes, one of these knuckleheads being me. I got to do that stunt a couple of weeks ago on this dry lakebed about an hour from here. I only jump over one automobile, a large sports utility vehicle, but I cleared it by a mile. In fact I even cleared the landing ramp on one of my practice runs and slid out, scraping the shit out of my left knee and elbow. All for the love of music, huh?

Before I take off for Atlanta, I've decided that I'm on vacation. I'm still at home, and here I am typing what is really a job-related task, but I have also gone surfing every day this week. I'm planning on continuing this trend until I have to board a goddamned airplane. And whenever we tour in a country that has any surf at all, I want to try to surf there too. I've surfed in Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii, but I've never surfed in places like France, Spain, and Japan. My all time surfing dream is to surf Jeffrey's Bay in South Africa. Its only about an hour outside of Durban so if we ever play there I'll be stoked. Hopefully in the next year or so I'll finally surf there. Greg K has been spending his time with his son who is now a year old. Rumor has it that Greg's son is the next Tiger Woods, as Greg has been teaching him to golf like a pro. Ron has been hanging out in Parker, Arizona on the Colorado river, wake-boarding and jet-skiing. Poor Dexter is the only one working this week, all alone in Atlanta.

I've been having a blast lately checking in on the bbs postings and logging into the chat-room. The chat-room has been especially fun, though I usually log in under an assumed name because no one ever believes that its actually me. Although when I go in under an assumed name I always start having a serious conversation with someone and then they ask me what I do for a living. Then I'm in the same predicament, no one believes me. I understand though because I get a lot of e-mails from people who tell me that we chatted at time when I wasn't in the chat-room. There must be a fake noodles who likes to fuck with people. When I log in, I do so as real_noodles. That is not to say that real_noodles is always me. Anyone can log in under that name. In fact I bet that after this gets posted you'll see at least one real_noodles in the chat-room at any given time. But as I'm getting to know more of you, and more of you are getting to know me and the sick way in which I think, I'm sure you'll be able to figure out if it's me or not. As for the bbs, we are the only ones who can respond to the posts directed at us. I enjoy reading all the posts even though I am only able to respond to a few of them. Keep them coming they are all great.

That's all for now. The records almost finished which means a tour has almost started. I'm actually looking forward to all the travelling. If you live anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe (including the U.K.), Japan, Australia, South America, and a number of places that I'm forgetting to list here, then you'll probably get a chance to see us play all the new stuff live very soon. Thanks for paying attention to all my blather.



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