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> > > 29 Marca 2000 < < <


From: Noodles
March 29, 2000
Orange County, CA.


Howdy, Gang.

Shit! I've lost my muse. I'm hoping to find her in this here pint of Guinness. Muses are supposed to be women, aren't they? You know, nubile young things. Doesn't matter. This entry is way too late to wait around for any mythical visitors, so here goes.


Noodles and Butch Vig

A few weeks ago we recorded a couple of songs for some movie soundtracks. We covered Agent Orange's "Bloodstains" for the movie "Ready To Rumble," and AFI's "Total Immortal" for the film "Me Myself And Irene." "Bloodstains" is one of the first punk rock cover-songs that we ever learned note for note and we've been playing it for years, so it was no problem for us. The only changes we made were in the form of beefier guitars, some effects on Dexter's vocals to make them growl a little ( the vocals on the original did seem a little distorted in the recording so we tried a bit of that), and some feedback that we added in the choruses. The feedback was Butch's idea. Butch is Butch Vig of Garbage. For you younguns' out there Butch has also produced a record or two. Butch brought along his friend Billy who helped with most of the editing. Working with these two guys was great and something we'd like to do more of in the future. They both put the rest of us at ease and seemed to know what we wanted even before we did. But don't expect to hear "Bloodstains" unless you like sitting through the entire rolling of the movie credits. It is the second song played during the credits, which of course means that they were saving the best for last right? But if you do care who the 2nd assistant to the third grip is, or if you are dying to know who buttered David Arquette's bagels, then there's a chance you might get to hear it. Fuck it! Just go buy (or steal) the fucking soundtrack! I've heard good things about the movie, but there are more important things to do during the credits, like take a piss or have a smoke.

The other song that we did was very different for us. It is also a cover song, but it's a new one. If you're not a fan of AFI, you should be. They are one of the best new punk bands around even though they've been around for at least five years and are only "new" if your own band has been in existence for 15 years or so. Still, they sound new on every record (in ways that are great) and are helping to lead punk rock in new directions. "Total Immortal" is off of their Halloween e.p. and is simply a great song. There are some great harmonies on this song which we thought would be fun to try to do in our own Offspring way. Its has a very fast beat at just over 200 beats per minute (that's 400 downstrokes per minute in a couple of places) and some other-than-barre-chord riffs which are pretty cool. It was a fun song for us to record and it taught us some things as well because it is different from most of the stuff we do. It is also harder to try to cover a new song than it is to record a song that you've been playing for fifteen years. With "Bloodstains" we were pretty sure we could nail the song and make it sound fresh. "Total Immortal," being new to us, was a little tougher, but I think that we managed to catch the power urgency that makes the song so great. Again, Butch and Billy totally helped in this matter, partly due to their recording techniques. We've already started stealing some of their tricks. Don't tell them, okay? I don't know where this song will be in the movie, but I do know that the film stars Jim Carrey and is being produced by the Farrelly Brothers. I'm a big fan of both, or all three, or...how many fucking Farrelly Brothers are there? Whatever, you may actually find this song in the movie somewhere.

Another project we are working on is another home movie for video release. Its early in the production stage right now, but I can tell you that I get to do some snowboarding in it and it looks as though Ron might get to do some surfing in it. It'll be similar to the video we released last year, but with better production (film rather than video), and we are going to try and show you more of our ugly muggs. I leave on Saturday to do some of my snowboarding stuff. I can't wait. I haven't been up yet at all this year.

Other than that, we are all just farting around. Oh...uh...I mean we are all very hard at work making a new record. I'm really busy trying to learn how to play guitar. You see it turns out that there are these things called notes and if you put some of them together they form what may be called chords, then over these chords go a certain amount of other notes which are called scales which were invented by some guys named Van Halen and Hendrix. It all sort of depends on where you put your fingers. Words to live by, my Friends, word to live by. I'll let you know more as soon as I know. I do know that I've been messing around with some new amplifiers and am getting some fucking gnarly sounds right now. Big, Loud, and Phat; that's the way I like it.


So until next time,

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