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> > > 29 Pażdziernika 2000 < < <

From: Noodles
October 29, 2000
The Chunnel (somewhere between England and France)


That's right kiddies, we're back on the road. This week consists mostly of TV tapings and interviews, but we are playing a small gig somewhere along the way. I think that's all I can say about the gig right now. I'll let you know more when I can. Yesterday we taped a show called CD/UK that was actually really cool. We invited a bunch of our fans down for it and they were a great audience. We taped "Original Prankster" and "Staring At The Sun" and then we played "All I Want" off camera as a way to say thanks to all who came down to see us. Its great to finally be able to play live again. I can't wait to start working the whole new record into the set. "OP" sounds awesome live and is so much fucking fun to play. We brought out some friends of ours to join us on percussion and Keyboards. Al together we have nine people on stage with us, you know, just like Slipknot. We also taped "OP" for Top of the Pops the other day. We got to see Blur finish their taping which was pretty cool. Westlife were also there but gosh darn if we didn't miss their set. Right before we went on, some young girl came up to Dexter and asked him if he knew who was playing next. He said he thought it was The Offspring. She said, "Oh, I'm waiting to see Westlife," to which Dexter replied,"Yeah, Me too." We did run into some of the girls from Girl Thing, who were all kinda cute, but we missed their performance, too.

When Dexter and I were in the UK a week ago, we decided to try absinthe, which has only recently become legal again. It's still illegal in most of the world. Absinthe is the liquor Van Gogh was drinking when he cut off his ear, and let me tell you, there is a reason why its been made illegal. Dexter was smartly pacing himself that night while I sort of dove in head first. At some point that evening I found myself surfing through Soho on some sort of venders cart, or so I've been told. My recollections of the evening are pretty vague. Fortunately for me, I passed out hardcore and didn't wake up until the next afternoon in New York City. Traveling ain't so bad when you're in a coma.

I only got two days of surfing in when I was back home, but both days were really good with solid head-high waves the last day. Which reminds me, as Dexter and I were leaving New York, we ran into Youth Brigade at the airport. They had just finished a two-week tour of Hawaii ( one show, thirteen days of surf), and were on the east coast to tour with the Bouncing Souls. They should still be touring there so check them out. Anyway, the Brigade brothers told me about surfing 8' waves on Hawaii's north shore. That means waves with fifteen foot faces. I have a whole newfound respect for those guys and their band.

Dexter actually got to play director again when he directed a spot for our million dollar give-away. He cast our old friend Chris Thomas, who you might remember from the "All I Want" video, as a newly-rich little bastard. Funny shit! Ron just got back from his honeymoon. He and his bride rented an RV and drove up and down the coast of California. In Santa Cruz he got his first Offspring tattoo, inking up his right forearm with the new cd cover. I'm only pissed off that he beat me to it. Greg K has been busy playing golf and just generally acting surly.

Mostly all we've been doing is gearing up for the North American tour. We are stoked about going out with MXPX and Cypress Hill. The end of the tour is still in the planning stages, and this is only our first pass, so don't start ragging on us about missing your town until the whole next year and a half of touring is over. Just relax and we'll almost certainly play in some city nearby. If by some reason we don't, well then you've earned the right to rag on us and I wouldn't respect you if you didn't, so really let us have it! After the holidays we are off to Europe for a month, and then we are talking about going to Japan and Australia right after that. We are really gonna be busy traveling all over the world for a while, and will be back and forth over just about every ocean there is. We are going to try to cover all the old territory, as well as some places we've never been to before. Please just be patient with us if you don't see your part of the world listed on the touring section of our site. We are honestly going to try to get to everybody.

We are also dying for the record to come out. I can't wait to get some feedback from you guys. Fortunately, many of you have heard the whole record, which is available on a number of sites, including Napster. A couple of the fans in the audience yesterday were yelling for us to play different songs off "Conspiracy." "Dammit, I Changed Again" and "Want You Bad" are the two I remember being asked to play. Until the CD's hit the stores you'll have to be patient with the mp3 format. Please check it out.

That's about it for now. We are almost in Paris where we are going to try to see AC/DC on Halloween. If we get to do that, I'll be sure to let you know. I've only recently become a fan of theirs but now I think they RULE! Thanks for checking in.



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