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> > > 4 Października 2000 < < <

From: Noodles
October 4, 2000
Cologne, Germany


The record is finished! These last few weeks have been insane, with us all pouring over a million last minute details. Dexter and I are in Europe right now for a two week press trip just talking about the record. Boy, let me tell you how fun interviews are! We get stuck in some hotel room and are made to answer the same questions over and over again. Trying to make the same answers sound fresh during your twentieth interview in an eight hour time period is not easy. So we start to make up new answers. I've come up with some great stories about how I got the name Noodles lately. Some of the most Frequently Annoying Questions are:

1. "So, what can you tell me about this record/your band?" (This question usually comes from the food critic of a local paper who was unfortunate enough to have been assigned an interview with us)
2. "How did you get the name Noodles?"
3. "If you were a vegetable, what kind would you be?"
4. "Dexter, why did you cut your hair?"
And last but not least, 5. "You've sold twenty gazillion records, how can you still be punk?"

Hard-hitting, tough, investigative questions for inquiring minds who want to know. Fortunately, most interviews aren't this bad, and when they are we are able to maintain a sense of humor during them. I mean some of the questions we get are pretty ridiculous and not too hard to laugh at.

All in all, this is a very exciting time for us. It is also a very anxious time as the only people who have heard the whole record are members of the press. Its a fucking great record and we are all stoked with it. This record rocks harder than anything we've ever done before and there are plenty of songs for even the most mild-hearted Offspring fan. You hardcore fans out there are going to shit! You're just gonna love this record. I hope you all get to hear the whole record soon. Keep searching Napster for it, it'll be there soon enough.

As you all know by now, the first single off this record is "Original Prankster." This is just a super fucking fun song and similar to what you'd expect as a first single. We went back to the "Vato-Punk" sort of vibe for this one. Its upbeat, goofy, and it has a great guitar riff in it. I love playing this song. We also tried to mix it up a little on this song. The key line in this one is sung by Redman, who just nails it. We like adding new sounds and voices to some of our stuff and Redman certainly stands out. We also attacked the guitar a little differently here by using the single note riff that propells the verses. That's the best part of the song from where I stand.

As for the second single, that remains anyone's guess. There are plenty of great songs on "Conspiracy Of One." If I had to pick my favorite one, I'd have to choose three, "Come Out Swinging," "Dammit, I Changed Again," And "Vultures." These first two are the fast, melodic, punk songs that got the four of us to start playing music in the first place. "All Along" and "Conspiracy Of One" are two other songs from this record that come from the same place. "Vultures" is a little slower than these other songs, but it still pumps. It kind of reminds me of "Dirty Magic" but I think it is even more powerful than that. "Vultures" is just a very emotional song. I think were gonna see a lot of strippers dancing to this one. Well...I won't see any...because...um, er...I never frequent those sorts of establishments...you know what I mean though, right? I have to pick one more song to be my favorite and that one is "Million Miles Away." This song takes the only three chords there are and makes them sound new. That, I think, is the key to every great rock song ever written.

In my view, the two biggest musical departures for us on "Conspiracy" are "Living In Chaos" and "Special Delivery." This first song is rad and another one that is fun to play from the guitarist's point of view. Its also got that middle-eastern presence which we are fond of putting into our music. I'm not sure how to describe "Special Delivery." This song has a sick and twisted feel to it. The fact that Dexter wrote it about a stalker makes it exceptionally creepy. This is the only song on the record with a drum loop and some heavy sampling added, which all add even more creepiness to it. It is probably the most punk song on the record because it is so cool and yet so fucked up.

Rounding out the record are "I Want You Bad," "One Fine Day," and "Denial Revisited." "I Want You Bad" is a tongue in cheek, fast punk song that sounds very familiar and yet is different from anything we've done in the past. "One Fine Day" is straight out of an English pub from the year 1977. By far the slowest song we've ever played, "Denial Revisited" is another song that has some great guitar riffs in it. Also, Ron's drumming on this song, and on this record as a whole, is fucking amazing. Any drummers out there are sure to point out that this is our best record ever.

Overall, this record is the most straight forward punk-fucking-rocking record we've ever done. These are also the most live sounding tracks we've ever done. The credit for that goes to Brendan, who was great to work with and who brought out in us all that we'd hoped for and more. Brendan, Nick, Billy, Dave, Ryan, Higgins, Steve, and everyone else who helped us out in the studio really made this the most enjoyable offspring record to make, ever. To all these people and more, we owe a huge debt, and I don't mean the kind that we incurred during the pool/poker breaks. I'm really finding it difficult to wait for all the rest of you to be able to hear this record. I'm dying for some feedback from the fans. And I know that many of the fans are dying for some feedback from us. I was talking with a couple fans in the chatroom a little while ago and they were ready to hop a plane to Paris just to hang out and listen to the new record. Soon enough, my friends. It won't be long now. Thanks for listening to my spiel.



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