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> > > 7 Lutego 2000 < < <


From: Noodles
February 7, 2000
Orange County, CA.


Ah, time to relax! Yeah, we've been off for over a month now and are starting to speak to each other again. It's been nice to get away from the guys after spending the whole last year with them in the same bus or plane. My wife and I threw a party for Greg K's birthday last month. It was an 80's party and everyone was supposed to dress up as their favorite 80's character. Their was a bunch of Madonna's, a Dee Snyder, a Boy George, a Cindy Lauper, a couple of Debbie Harrys, and a Tina Turner in attendance, but most people just dressed in old clothes. Still, it was very fun and everyone had plenty to drink. The only troubling incident was when I fired up my wife's karaoke machine. Oh, Man, was it ever horrible. But it was the first time the four of us in the band had gotten together since we finished touring, and it was cool to see the guys again.


"Looks Just Like Greg K!"

A few months ago we received an invitation to go to a fan's Barmitzvah. We thought it might be fun to just show up unexpectedly, so Dexter and I did. It was on the last Saturday in January, and it was about 2 blocks away from Fitzjoy's apartment. Dexter and I drove up from O.C, and dropped in for a half an hour. The funny thing is that the kid, Brandon, seemed to expect us. A friend of Brandon's bought Fitzjoy's mobile phone number off the Internet, they called and got an e-mail address, and then they kept sending invitations. We never responded because we didn't really think that we'd be able to go. But when we got there Brandon was ready for us. He offered us beer, and even offered to call us a taxi so we could stay and drink. His parents were pretty shocked that we actually showed up, but it seemed like a fun thing to do, merely because it seemed like something that you wouldn't expect.


"You Might Be My Lucky Star!"

The guys and I have been talking about where we'd like to go with the band from here. Dexter is already writing songs, which is a process he takes very seriously. He really gets involved when he's writing and works really hard at it, though he may not admit that. He used to write songs while driving to and from school in his old pickup that never had a working radio. Sometimes he still writes this way. Nowadays you can get some great home recording gear to help you get down all your ideas, so Dexter has been doing more of this when he writes. I've even been goofing around with some home recordings, even on this here computer of mine, although I'm still just learning how to work the damn thing. Ron has the most extensive studio out of all of us. He's converted his garage into a studio and has made some pretty good recordings there. That's where we recorded the tracks for "Idle Hands" and the thirty-second song for the FAT compilation.


"Ron Is Surprised By Deborah Harry"

Dexter and I were also discussing this last year of touring, stoked on the fact that our live show has gotten so much bigger and fun. We also decided that we want to keep on making the shows exciting for everyone. I think we had our best shows ever this last year, but we want the next year to be even better. I've spent a good part of the last year, even while touring, trying to learn more as a guitarist. Now that we're off tour, I'm really knuckling under. It is exciting to me to play in a band where we all share a desire for growth.


"Nice Hair"

I don't want to worry anybody. We are not going to change who we are or what type of music we love to play. We just want to always get better. We love the music we do, we just always want to make it more powerful and kick-ass. I still believe that there is no substitute for attitude when it comes to making music, but you gotta have the technique there to back it up. We are checking into different amps and assorted gear in order to strengthen our sound. I don't want to bore anybody here, I'm just stoked about all that we've done and learned over this last year, and excited about how it all applies to our future.

Since we're not touring right now we've also discussed what we should do with my journal entries. Keeping you all up to date might seem pretty tedious right now since making a record is such a slow process. We've talked about me writing about past tours that we've done before anyone gave a damn about us. A little trip down Offspring History Lane. What do ya think? I think I'd rather bore you guys with that than with our mundane existences at the present time. So stay tuned.


Until then,

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