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> > > 1 Maja 2001 < < <

From: Noodles
May 1, 2001
Orlando, Florida


Alright, let's get to it. I haven't really been putting this entry off, I've started it a bunch of times, I've just never finished it. I never seem to be on the same page today that I was on yesterday. What I care about tonight will seem trite by morning, so let's hope that I finish this entry before I pass out.

First off, I want to start by saying that I love what I do in this band. I love the songs that Dexter writes. I love it when we are locked into them live on-stage. I'm not jumping around on stage every night because I think it looks cool (I think I look pretty dorky most of the time), I do it because I'm having FUN! If anything I have to pull back a little bit to keep from making a complete ass of myself. I actually fall all the time, many of you can attest to that. I just get carried away. I fell last night after Dexter sprayed water all over the stage, and I was even trying to be mellow because I knew the stage was slippery. Whatever! I don't care how dorky I looked, I had a blast last night. But it took a great deal of effort from a lot of people to make that show one of the fun ones.

You see, the night didn't start out that well. First of all, we were scheduled to be on-stage at 9:15, but the show was run so badly that we didn't get to play until almost 11:30. It was a radio festival, out of our hands, and the radio station decided not to hire a concert production company, preferring to take on the production themselves. Not a good idea! Woodstock only happened ONCE, and was really a fucking fiasco for the people putting on the show. The people putting on the show last night had little knowledge of what it takes to make a show run smoothly. Our crew bailed them out. I've got to tell you that our crew is awesome, and the show would have been even more of a mess if it wasn't for them. This is not bragging! I am not a member of our crew, I'm just an admirer. It's taken us a long time to assemble the group of insanely hard-working people that make sure we look good. Believe me, if they could keep me from falling every time they would. They are the ones that truly make us look and sound good. They are a demanding group of people to work with, but they deserve to be - they are the best at what they do. And if you treat them respectfully, and are willing to work with them, they are the coolest fucking people on the face of the planet. I don't merely believe this, I know this. I've had a lot of shitty jobs that required a lot of me, both mentally and physically, but most of them were pretty close to a nine-to-five sort of gig. These guys are at work right after dawn and finish up right before dawn. They are the first people to show up and the last to leave. Their job is not just to fix what breaks, but to imagine what MIGHT break and make sure it doesn't. And on top of all this, they are so fun to hang out with. They are smart, thoughtful, super fun and witty, and, when time allows, they party harder than any rock-star that ever lived.

So, here's to Pete, Fitz, Jonie, Katherin, Greg, Phil, George, Steve M, Donny, Fozzy, Mick, Shon, Joey, Paul, Jay, Steve T, Brian M, Stormy, Emory, Kevin D, Andy, Jeff "Trailor",James M, Nick T, Itchiko, Bobby, Courtney, Lumpy, Scottie, Jiffy, Dave R, Kamala, Scovell, Shipley, Duff, Jason, Danny M, Tommy and all the Rat Crew, Everyone at Eat To The Beat, and everyone who's name is slipping by me at this very late hour of the morning. I know that I'm forgetting the names of many very important road-dogs at this moment. If yours is amongst those I've forgotten, punch me the next time you see me because that's the least I deserve. All of these folks have helped us get where we are today, and they've all made the getting there soooo damn much fun. I just wanted to send a big thanks to all the people who make it possible to do what we do. I love what I do in this band because these people help make it easy for me to love it. Thanks for listening.



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