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 > > > 14 Lipca 2001 < < <

July 14, 2001
Orange County, CA


We officially started the next leg of the tour yesterday. I left home at 5:00 am with my friend Sam, and we headed south for the surf at Blacks Beach near San Diego. There was a great swell in yesterday and the sets were well overhead. It was the first time I'd ever surfed Blacks, but it is a well known surf spot, and with good reason. I'd surf there again in a heart beat. Web Dude met us at the trail-head in order to get some footage of us surfing, but he forgot to charge the battery on the camera and he was only able to film my first wave. He missed all my biggest waves, but on a positive note, he didn't get any footage of my wipe-outs either. I know that he probably would only have put up footage of those on the website. After an exhausting paddle outside, Sam and I surfed for a couple of hours and it was one of the best sessions I've had all year.



After a big breakfast and a short nap down at Ocean Beach, we headed for the gig. It was a radio show put on by 91X out of San Diego. We shared the bill with Social Distortion, Lit, Sprung Monkey, and Lifehouse. We have toured with the first three bands and know them pretty well. It was a great show, all the bands rocked, and it felt great to play with old friends again. Sprung played their new stuff and old stuff. They have some great songs, especially "Hard Times" and "American Made." Lit also had a great set in which they showcased some new material. They even broke out an acoustic guitar for one song. If the songs they played are any indication of what the new record sounds like, it should do very well.

Dexter flew himself, Greg K, and Jed "The Fish" from KROQ down to the show. Dexter is going to fly his plane on this whole tour, and I will be driving myself in my camper. I realized that I should be able to get some great surf in on my way home from Vancouver. The crowd was awesome last night, and we are excited about this leg of the tour. I think it'll be fun to be driving on my own, and I know Dexter loves flying himself around. This time, rather than waiting around for, or inside of, a bus or a plane, we will be taking the reins. We will be the masters of our own destiny! That's RIGHT motherfucker! I'll let you know how it goes.



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