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> > > 15 Maja 2001 < < <

From: Noodles
May 15, 2001
Orange County


Have you guys seen "Almost Famous" yet? I saw it on one of our days off during this last tour. A couple of days later we played right before the Black Crowes, whose singer, Chris Robinson, recently married Kate Hudson. In "Almost Famous" Hudson plays a groupie who is in love with a member of a seventies rock band that sound a lot like the Black Crows. On the night we played with them I watched Kate Hudson recreate scenes from the movie. On the side of the stage she was dancing, smoking, singing along with the her man, and proving to her friends that she knew all the lyrics. It was life completely imitating art. It was pretty fucking funny to me, but it also made me sad to think that we've never really had that sort of groupie scene. Aw, boo hoo...Oh well, at least there are a bunch of girls in the chatroom that want to kidnap us and take us all to a desert island. I figure "What the Hell, as long as there's surf!"

That show with the Crowes was one of the festivals we did in between playing our own smaller club shows. In the clubs we were joined by SUM 41 and Fenix TX. Both bands put on great shows and have great songs. Fenix were a lot harder than I thought they were going to be, which was a pleasant surprise. I was really only familiar with their radio song, but most of their stuff was more powerful and progressive. SUM 41 lean a little more toward the fun side of music, but also add a lot of power to it. They also mix in healthy doses of drum solos, guitar solos, hip-hop, and heavy-metal moves. I'm listening to them right now and the first song off "Half Hour Of Power" totally reminds me of "Killers" era Iron Maiden. Great stuff.

Besides these two bands, there were a few others that we played with and deserve mention. On our last show we played with The Reverend Horton Heat (great psycho-billy guitar playing), and Left Unsaid. In Texas we played with Dynamite Boy (punk rock) and Unloco (neo-heavy-metal). Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals played right before us in Memphis and they were great. They are very different from the type of bands we usually play with. Harper plays slide guitar that sometimes sounds like Hendrix on steroids. At other times he plays it very mellowly. Cool stuff though. At one of the festivals we hung out with the guys in Orgy. They are all really funny off stage and yet on stage they are almost ominous and heavily powerful.

Let's see...what else happened on this tour? Ron, Higgins, and Jonie went to Graceland in Memphis. They said it was pretty weird and that Elvis had horrible tastes in decorating. And apparently someone took all the tin-foil off the windows that Elvis put up to keep aliens from spying on him. That sucks, they should have left that stuff up. The three also went to the Anheiser-Busch brewery in St Louis, which they said was way better than Graceland. Even Jonie, who hails from Ireland, said she had a whole new appreciation for the American process of making beer.

On a couple of our days off, Dexter and a few of the guys flew down to the Bahamas for some time away from the touring circus. They had a good time gambling, soaking up the sun, and throwing back beers. Fitzjoy went with them and celebrated his Birthday there. Happy Birthday, Fitz! Around that time Greg K was supposed to play golf with a certain professional golfer on some really posh course. The pro couldn't make it but Greg still got to play the course. I'll never understand golf; That fucking windmill and those stupid laughing clowns always fuck with me!

I didn't really do too much in the way of extracurricular activities. I did go out in New Orleans. Greg, Fitz, Jonie, and I had a nice dinner at a restaurant owned by the "BAM" guy on the Food Channel. Afterward we went to a "topless bar" called Papa Joe's on Bourbon Street. It was here, on this fateful night, that I realized "I'm Gay." You see, Papa Joe's has some really beautiful women dancing there, except that none of them are women. Go figure! Let me just say that my world will never be the same. And just when I thought I had it all figured out! Yes the world is a strange place, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Next week the new Dickies record, "All This And The Puppet Stew," comes out and I can't wait. The new Weezer record should be out soon too. until then here's a list of what I've been listening to:

Ramones, by The Ramones (The last month has been a sad one for us all)
Lars Freidrickson and the Bastards, self titled.
Comes In Colours, by Love
Roll On, by The Living End (Great, Great, Great album!)
Pump Up The Valuum, by NOFX
Punk Goes Metal, compilation on Fearless Records (Check out AFI's cover of "My Michelle," Awesome!)

That does it for me.



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