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> > > 8 Lutego 2001 < < <

From: Noodles
February 8, 2001
Bordeaux, France


I was going to begin this entry with a story involving a skinny dipping episode with the Lunachicks, reiterating just how blind I am and how I sometimes miss out on things that most people get to see, but Higgins said it sounded like I was "perving out." I may indeed have a perverted side, but I'm not sure that its something I should share with all of you. I think that if I were truly perverted, I would have found a way to keep my goddamn glasses on! Anyway, you don't get to hear that story, and its all Higgins' fault.

What you do get to hear about is what I tragically failed to make any mention of in my last entry, namely our support bands on this tour. First of all, AFI are with us for the whole European tour. On the opening night in Glasgow, they fucking blew me away! I've only seen them one other time since Jade has joined the band. That was in Hawaii almost a year and a half ago. Since then these guys have grown by leaps and bounds. They are more powerful than ever! I can't believe that they are able to keep the music together so tightly while running, leaping, and bouncing all over the stage like that. They mix up their set really well too, playing some older faster stuff as well as some of their slower, more dramatic, newer stuff. I love this band now more than ever, and judging from the audience responses they've been getting, so do all of you.

In the U.K. we were also joined by two bands that we've played with in the past and continue to enjoy. These are Caffeine and "A." Caffeine are a power trio who play punk-pop similar to what you hear coming out of California. Lots of energy and great hooks. "A" are a bit more "Alternative", but have good deal of energy and none of the gloominess that I associate with that term. These guys also have a lot of hooks, as well as some great schtick. I especially loved when they busted out the Van Halen covers. Both bands are from the U.K. so, if you live there, check them out. We've played with a lot of cool local bands on this tour, and another one I want to mention are The Donots from Germany. We played with them the other day in Munich, and they rocked! You've got to give it up for any band that's got the balls to close their set with Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It." And they pull it off with great aplomb.

I did manage to snowboard last Sunday near Innsbruck, Austria. What a great day! The skies were blue and there was some fresh snow from the night before. Ron and Fitzjoy were with me, as well as some of our local friends. I only got two hours of sleep the night before because I was up all night on the bus drinking beer with Dexter and Higgins. I somehow had the energy to pull off some great runs that day. It was my birthday that day and, except for maybe being at home with my family, I can't think of a better way to have spent it.

Last night we played our biggest headlining show ever in Paris. All I can say about it is "WOW!" I don't think we've ever had an audience like the one last night. We've done some smaller shows where literally everyone is out of their seats, jumping around and singing along, but for that to happen in a venue of this size... It was just un-fucking-believable! I can't tell you all just how stoked we are to be playing in front of the audiences we've had on this tour. We keep expecting our career to be over any day, when in fact things keep getting better for us. Our performances feel stronger too, both as individuals and as a unit. For all of this we owe you guys, our audience, a huge debt of appreciation and gratitude. I'm only sorry that we couldn't play "Beheaded" for all of you who requested it. Aw Darn, now I'm getting all mushy!

The only trouble I've had this whole tour happened when I mistook the hotel lobby fountain for a swimming pool in Cologne. I had just left a bunch of our friends and colleagues in the bar after our show there, when I decided that a swim might be refreshing. Our hotel was right on the river, which I thought looked inviting, but, after thoughts of Jeff Buckley gave me pause, I opted for the fountain. At first the hotel staff was less than pleased, informing me that this was "not proper hotel guest behavior," but then, upon realizing that I was less of a trouble maker than I was an idiot, they brought me a dry, warm robe and some more beer. I thought that was very nice of them.

Tonight we play here in Bordeaux for the first time ever. Its always fun playing someplace new and we are excited about it. We have only four shows left on this tour before we go home for a short break, and then we are off to Australia. I'll let you all know how the rest of the tour goes when I get home. Until then, take good care of yourselves, and each other!



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