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14 lipca 2001 Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, USA

Well after an hour and a half of driving back to the boonies from Los Angeles, I am finally home (albeit, slightly incoherent and tired).
So we shall review the show:
I went by myself and left at about 3:30pm (Gates opened at 7:45pm it said on my ticket) but I figured, I live out in Redlands and it'll take me at least two hours to get to Los Angeles, plus more if there was traffic. As always, there was traffic, but I ended up getting there at about 5pm on the dot, parking at the top of a 5 story parking structure. So I got my bearings and went to find the Universal Amphitheater (which is conviently located at the total opposite end of City Walk from where I parked). I went to see if I could pick up my backstage passes, but no luck as the bands hadn't given out all their stuff yet. So I went to go kill some time by looking at the shops and eating!
Finally I got tired of this routine and came back to the Amphitheater gates to find a slightly larger crowd waiting to enter. I believe it was 6:30 or so when they started letting people in, but I needed to get my passes before I went in, and I didn't receive those until about 7. Finally I was able to enter the Universal Amphitheater for the first time in my life and damn was this place nice. I won't really go into details, but if you live in the LA area, you need to attend a show there. (Capacity is about 6,000 I believe)
Millencolin came on and they were very rockable, I am fairly enticed to buy a CD of theirs. But they played a lot of good stuff, including "Lozin Must" and their song off Tony Hawk Pro Skater, they seemed to be generally well received and in my opinion did an excellent job hanging with the pros.
T.S.O.L. came on and played, and the crowd was fairly cold to them. Perhaps it was because there was mainly a younger generation that wasn't as into old school punk? Well in anycase, you could prominetly hear a few boos during their set, though I think by the end, they pretty much won the crowd over.
I thought they did a good job as well (though I've never really cared for Mr. Grisham :P) but they actually invited quite a few people onstage and security was extremely lax, letting the people up without a struggle. By the time their show was done, they had a nice armada of people onstage rocking out with them. With Jack giving directions to Dexter's house between each songs (though he stopped towards the end) and even gave the address to his own house saying "Come over anytime and we'll party." But they were out to have fun and generally accomplished that.
Then Offspring came on. However, I believe this is new, since before they came on, a screen dropped down and played a small movie, effectionately entitled "Bad Habit". Now this was DAMN funny, Dexter driving a beat up Pinto down the freeway, with people flipping him off and screaming at him. Finally he snaps and pulls out a shotgun, and he starts blowing out tires and windows. He pulls up on Noodles and Ron at one point, and they scream and swerve all over the freeway. Finally he meets up with a guy driving a lowrider (whom he was racing earlier) who turns out to be a caricature Ricky Martin, and well... go see the show if you want to see the end :) After this, the screen goes up and they launch into Bad Habit. It looks like they have a new set, but an AWESOME looking set it was indeed.
List of songs played? Well here goes my wussy memory, in no particular order:
Bad Habit
All I Want
Gone Away
Come Out and Play
Have You Ever
Dirty Magic (Accoustic version, FUCKING AWESOME! This was included with the power outage bit, jokes about "Rolling Blackouts" and the whole thing where Noodles talks about learning these songs off of Napster)
Gotta Get Away
Million Miles Away
Dammit I Changed Again
Original Prankster
Why Don't You Get A Job
Pretty Fly
Kids Aren't Alright
Special Delivery
Self Esteem
Want You Bad
After this I went ahead and went backstage thanks to their very kind manager who still puts up with my requests for passes. Basically the backstage thing is this: About 150 - 200 people milling about waiting for the band to show up, with food and drinks provided (very nice). Now it is pretty cool cause you get to talk to a bunch of people and all the food is catered, but the only problem is, we are enclosed in a small area and it seems like most everyone smokes. :-/
After arriving back there, I decide to hang out by this little gateway, thinking the band would arrive through there, after 20 minutes of waiting around, I look through the large crowd of 200 people and Dexter comes in on the other side! Man I have horrible luck when it comes to positioning, but after the enterage of people seeking autographs finally slack off, I go up to talk to him and he remembered that somebody told him I was at the Vandals show in Riverside! Awesome!! I was explaining to him I should have said "WhiteBandit" instead, and he was like "for some reason I always thought you were from Minneapolis or some place." Hehe. I basically had him autograph my ticket, then I took off!
After talking to him, I may even be able to get passes for next weeks show in Vegas too! AWESOME!
But tonights show was extremely awesome, and I am really looking forward to seeing them in a more intimate setting next weekend.
Well, until next time.


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